Leaf Cleanup

A leaf cleanup prevents dead spots in your lawn !!!

Walker Leaf Cleanup

A Walker Removing Leaves

We all know how much work can be involved in raking and bagging leaves. A leaf cleanup is an extremely difficult job and that is why you should leave your leaf cleanup to the experts; Progressive Lawn Care. We have thousands of dollars invested in machinery that is fast and efficient. This allows us to do a leaf cleanup cheaper than our competitors. First, we use powerful blowers to blow all leaves away from the home and away from all obstacles in the yard. Second, we will pickup any over-sized twigs and branches and then we will mulch the leaves with our mowers. And thirdly, we use our Walker collecting mower to collect what debris is left. Lastly, we load up all debris and haul it from your property. Many people injure themselves every year from doing this back-breaking work. Please don’t risk hurting yourself and call the professionals.We can also remove leaves on a weekly basis. We can do this through the months of November and December, weather providing.  A free estimate from Progressive Lawn Care is just a click away, click here for to fill out a FREE ESTIMATE REQUEST today. Most of the time, we can get your a written estimate within 24 hours. We hope you have a nice day.