Lawn Dethatching

Dethatching your lawn lets it breath again!!!


wichita dethatching, machineDethatching your lawn will allow water and nutrients to more efficiently reach your grass roots.  What exactly is thatch? After years of discharging your lawn clippings, debris blown in from other lawns and branches and stems makeup what we call thatch. Even a little thatch is beneficial to your lawn, but too much can have negative results for your lawn. It’s when that thatch become so thick the water, nutrients and air are not allowed to reach the soil we see it takes a toll on a lawn. Dethatching with a power rake lifts all that thatch to the surface where a mower can remove it. After our mowers pick up all that thatch, will will remove it and haul it away. Aeration can also provide a remedy to an over thatched lawn, but it act lawn dethatchingmore as a preventative than a remedy. As the aerated plugs sit on top of the layer of thatch, micororganisms begin to breakdown the layer of thatch. After dethatching or also known as power raking, your lawn we attach a front tine rake to our mower and and go over the entire lawn, similar to the photo to the right.Whether you need and aeration or power raking, Progressive Lawn Care has you covered if you’re in the Wichita, KS  and surround area. Feel free to fill out a FREE ESTIMATE REQUEST and we’ll try to get you a written estimate within 24 hours.